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Lagu – Not only for beaches as featured in My Little Drummer Boys

Many parents will tell you that family beach trips are one of the best experiences you can give your children. There’s so many ways you can bond and create lovely memories – building sand castles, splashing in the waves, soothing sunburned noses – these precious moments will live with you forever.

Unfortunately, for many – the thought of bringing sand home with them after a beach trip makes it almost unbearable! Trish from My Little Drummer Boys has found a solution to that problem with the help of our Lagu Sand-Free beach towel. Simply brush off sand from the towel – wet or dry! She keeps hers nice and compact in her car door pocket not only for the occasional beach trip but with its quick dry properties, drying in as little as 10 minutes, finds it invaluable as a compact towel for her kids’ swimming and sports carnivals!

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We’re glad she’s enjoying her Lagu, and would love to hear stories from our other Lagu fans! Feel free to comment below and tell us what you use your Lagu for!


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